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YEAR 1 - 3.17 TEAM GPA

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Our record on the field didn't show it, but the Scripps Ranch High School football program took a big first step in the classroom.

It was a tough year on the field, but in the classroom the team GPA went to 3.17, up from 2.97 in 2017.

It is not where we want to be, or where we are going, but we are going to get there.

With a new focus on the classroom, Coach Gardinera has taken a non-traditional route to turnaround the program. With a firm belief that establishing clear priorities, a little discipline, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Coach G has made a few promises he thinks he can keep.

There has been one stated goal. Coach G will take this program to a 3.60 team GPA. And he doesn't mince his words. He said, "if I can't do it, I am not the right person for this job."

What is your goal in year one? Get Started Today!

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